Safety first

Investments are risky, yes. And you should always evaluate your risk tolerance. However, here at monedius, we protect you by eliminating virtually all possible key r isks associated with investments.

We will take care of your investment throughout the entire investment term. monedius ensures a low loan to value or LTV ratio for investment properties, diversified risks etc., so you can be sure your money is safe with us. Your peace of mind is our priority number one.


We’re aiming to offer the lowest LTV possible. The LTV (loan-to-value ratio) of collateral will vary between 10% to 40%, and the length varies from 6 months to 36 months. With Monedius, the LTV does not exceed 40%, and the profit from selling/restructuring this property is used to pay the interests to investors.

Risk Diversification

Monedius diversifies the risks by operating in different markets and offering various investment strategies such as manual investments and auto-investing. Investors can create a diversified portfolio of assets, so the specific risk associated with one asset is offset by the particular risk associated with another asset.

We’ll comply with the upcoming EU regulation

The regulation that will come into force in November 2021 is designed to formalize the process of service provision for crowdfunding and widen the pool of investors. It will include completing a suitability and appropriateness test, which assesses the ability to bear potential losses, mandatory passport and authorization process, and other security measures that will make investing in real estate as safe as possible.

Enhanced due diligence by global partners

Proper real estate due diligence is key to making a good investment return. Monedius is working only with reputable partners who can conduct a detailed independent audit of each real estate project available our platform.

We offer legal backup

We understand that there have been different issues with other investment platforms before. That’s why we here at Monedius are ready to help our investors by finding legal support for them if any problems should arise.

We don’t touch your money

The platform has no access to investors' money as we are simply a venue, a helping hand, and support for your investment journey. Your money goes into an escrow account that acts as a saving account and is managed by the bank.

Start investing and reap the rewards!

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