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Exceptional projects deserve to be backed. And we believe that backing should be fair, completely transparent, and mutually advantageous to both the investor and the borrower. That's where we come in: A team of experienced real estate professionals that's here to support our borrowers. And rest assured, we cherry-pick the best, most secure, most high reward projects so you, our investor, can make money with ease.

Investing should be open to all. Our experience shows that this shouldn't be just a closed inner circle only open to people with deep pockets. Monedius opens the market for virtually everyone – doesn't matter if you have no previous background or tens of thousands of euros in your bank account. Starting from just 10 EUR, you can start investing in real estate that's lucrative, rewarding, and safe. We really want to emphasize safety and transparency where everybody knows exactly where their money goes. Oh. And we never touch your money – we’re here as a platform to your success. Join us and experience investing like it should be – clear, simple, and rewarding.


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